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AAI technical/operational informations for sysadmins Technical and operational information for all SWITCHaai system administrators.The list is used1. to inform all AAI sysadmins about required changes in the system,2. as the primary information channel for updates and upgrades of AAI components and the associated migration schedules.The list is targeted at- all system administrators of AAI servers,- anybody else interested in technical day to day issues related to AAI.
cert-announce Distribution of security Advisories
edu-ID news (subscribe to this list to get news about edu-ID) edu-ID news (subscribe to this list to get news about edu-ID)
Eduid-operations edu-ID technical/operational informations for sysadmins
eduroam-tech eduroam-tech
SWITCHhub Announcements Mailing List News and information about the service SWITCHhub, e.g. new service available in marketplace, new product features available, etc.
SWITCHhub Operations Information about maintenance windows and incidents.
inf-sec This list is for staff of ISPs converned with incident response and security issues.
iot-wg iot-wg
kkk Kommunikations Kafi Kraenzli
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