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inf-sec This list is for staff of ISPs converned with incident response and security issues.
iot-wg iot-wg
kkk Kommunikations Kafi Kraenzli
lambda-coord The three organizations BIT, Skyguide, and SWITCH form a consortium for leasing dark fibers from SBB Telecom. The list is the discussion forum for all coordination issues between the consortium partners and SBB Telecom. Mails concerning projects of particular consortium members only should be exchanged through other communication channels.
leo This list addresses members of law enforcment organisations and CERTS which are interested in a deeper collaboration
TestList Markus other
network-wg is a technically oriented group for SWITCHlan contacts The network working group is a technically oriented group and is intended for IT services and institutions with a research affiliated focus. Discussions will be centered on topics relating to operational business and to new technologies/approaches, with solutions or proposed implementations being established. It is also possible for participants to channel their own topics into the working group. The group's extended focus also takes in commercial organizations, although these are only to be involved on highly specific topics in each case.
ownCloud Tooling Development consortium The Group that make tools happen around ownCloudWe met at CS3 2019 in Rome
op-sec is a mailing list for Swiss internet service provider community to discuss operational security issues.Membership in Op-sec is restricted to those actively involved in the mitigation of security incidents within organizations in the IP transit, content, and the Swiss internet service provider community. Conntact if you want to join and explain why.
Mailinglist for head of IT services of the universities of teacher education ph-id
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