List name Post address Description
SWITCHcoldstor Service Managers Contact channel for service managers using SWITCHcoldstor
SWITCHcoldstor users mailing list Contact list for users of SWITCHcoldstor
SWITCHdrive Client Liste mit den Ansprechpartnern der Universitäten und Hochschulen, welche den SWITCHdrive Client automatisch verteilen.
switchdrive-oper switchdrive-oper
switchdrive-srv switchdrive-srv
SWITCHengines Advisoriy Board Mailing list for members of the SWITCHengines advisory board
OpenShift at SWITCH This list is for users of the OpenShift cluster at SWITCH. It will be used for announcements, but can also be used for discussions or feedback to SWITCH about the service.
switchengines-oper switchengines-oper
switchengines-srv switchengines-srv
switchengines-user switchengines-user
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